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About us

As the name of this portal, Le212.info, this portal aims to help you find the online information on the following: Health & Wellness, Him & Her, Futur & Tech, Business & Work , Green attitude and Lifestyle.

It is in a spirit indication that the information is collected and disseminated by the authors of this portal daily on the principle of copyleft.

Le212.info is an independent portal and general information. It will be led by a professional team of journalists, bloggers and web developers.

Le212.info assumes Trilingualism as a structuring element of Moroccan society.

Le212.info closely, shows and discusses the profound changes that society as well as Moroccan Moroccan world.

Le212.info is a showcase of current trends in health and wellness, Green Attitude, lifestyle and cultural creation of both male and female and finally the digital world and the Future Tech and Business and Work.

What we will never be!
  • Le212.info is not a sensational portal, populist, racist or misogynist;
  • Le212.info is not an amateur portal;
  • Le212.info is financed by any current political, social, ideological or economic interest group;
  • Le212.info censor any opinion, except in cases of invasion of privacy, respect for people, insult or defamation.

Portal warning Le212.info
The information in this portal are published for informational purposes and cannot be considered as personal medical advice.

No treatment should be made based solely on the content of the various articles of this portal which wants to sign and informational, and it is strongly recommended that the reader consult health professionals duly registered with health authorities on all matters relating to their health and wellbeing.

The publisher is not a licensed medical care provider.

The editor of this portal will practice medicine in any capacity itself, nor any other therapeutic profession, and forbidden to enter a health practitioner relationship vis-à-vis patients with readers.
None of the information or products mentioned on this site are not intended to diagnose, treat, mitigate or cure any disease.

You are well advised to read without moderation but with responsibility and discernment.

Le212.info team


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