Derb Ghallef expliqué à un anglais

Derb Ghallef expliqué à un anglais
The Souk of Derb ghallef (literally cover’s road market) is the biggest flea market of Africa. It is officially a market for the recycling of old objects : appliances - including audio-visuel materiel -, computers, clothes … , although we can find new and up to date smuggled goods.

But the most intensif informal activity is that of the followers of "culture for all", who believe that if Europe pirate the raw materials of Africa, it is entitled to hack European culture.

There are therefore:

1. All softwares cracked. Most of the small and medium-sized African companies are computerized using those softwares, and could not exist without.

2. Decoders that give access to all TV channels from around the world. « Everyone can choose their culture ».

3. All films shot on Earth a few weeks after their launch (« Everyone has the right to entertainment… »)  No comment !.

4. All video games … etc. We even see there children learning how to manipulate them, crack  or flasher them after school. And maybe the biggest boxes of design of video games have their branches in Morocco thanks to this field of training.

In addition all electronic devices can be repaired at Derb Ghallef. 
Prices defy competition : One CD = 5 DH = 0,5 € ; One DVD = 10 DH = 1€ ; One year TV channels = 600 DH = 60 € …
Regularly the police make descent to confiscate everything, but the stock is renewed in 2 to 3 days. It is impossible for them to stop this activity which is fueled by an international pirate network that believes to make resistance to wild capitalism. And it is a souk  where come to make their market all the countries of sub-Saharan Africa, and sometimes European too.

Par Nisrine Adam, actrice 



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